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Topol PRO is a paid version of our editor, where you can use all the amazing features. You can simply start by creating an account on the Topol homepage. After you create an account you can log in and start working on your first templates.

It is a perfect tool for individuals who need to design multiple email templates and manage them. If you are looking for a plan to collaborate with your teammates, pick the TEAM plan. To learn more about collab options, please read this article.

In Topol PRO you get access to all the premade templates we have designed for you, and the new ones are still coming! Choose a preferred template, modify it based on your needs, and then use it for your email marketing.

Not only that you can create beautiful email templates easily, but also you can also save and manage them. You are able to create a folder that can correspond to any of your projects, this way your account won't look messy and you can keep everything organized.

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