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Get your TOPOL template into Ecomail, in 5 steps

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You can now export your templates to Ecomail easily (you must have an Ecomail account).

Ecomail is the best tool for easy creation and sending out beautiful newsletters. It offers a 30 day free trial so it gives you plenty of time to try it out. As a bonus, Ecomail is using TOPOL template editor so you get your favourite editor within an emailing app.

How to export your template to Ecomail?

1. Go to TOPOL and create a template and save it, or just open a template you have created before.

2. Download the template as JSON file:

4. In your Ecomail account, go to > Templates > Create a new template. Here, give your template a name and upload the JSON file you downloaded from TOPOL:

5. All done πŸŽ‰

Now you have your template available in your Ecomail account and ready to be sent.

Want to export all your TOPOL templates to Ecomail?

No trouble - we are here for you!

To get all your TOPOL templates in your Ecomail account, please contact [email protected].

To make this process fast and hustle free, please provide the name of your TOPOL account and name of your Ecomail account. Also, give us any details you find necessary (e.g. Do you want to import all templates? Do you have more TOPOL teams and you need only some of the templates?).

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