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How TOPOL forever free version works?

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TOPOL is an email template editor. You can create your own templates from scratch, or you can use one of our premade templates. Our editor is really simple and easy to work with.

We're offering 3 versions: Free, PRO, Plugin. Now let's have a look at our FREE version.

As you already know, you can try our template editor for Free. But of course, there are some limitations in the Free version.

In the Free version, you are missing some of the great features we're offering. For example, some of the key content blocks, premade structures as a header, e-commerce, footer, etc. If you're using similar blocks often, you can save them to "Saved blocks" and just simply implement them into your template whenever you need them.

Here you can see some differences between the FREE and PRO version of our editor.


You can even export your simple template and use it for your own purposes. If you were wondering how to do that, we prepared a small guide article on how to do that.

If you're deciding if the PRO version is for you, we're offering a free trial version of the PRO editor for 14 days. Check it out right now!

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