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You can use Topol with your work team! Invite your colleagues to collaborate on your desired templates. In the initial TEAM subscription, you can invite unlimited number of users and edit, save, and collaborate on your templates. Just add the number of teammates you need:

First, start by creating your team, choose your team name and then invite other teammates. You can invite users which already have Topol account, even though they don't have an active subscription. Or invite a brand new user, who will create a new account and then he can start working right away. To add other teammates you have to type their e-mail addresses and choose the required role.

In each team you can choose out of 4 roles, the owner is the one who created the team and has all the permissions like change the subscription, see the billing info, invite or kick out other members and delete the team. There are 3 more roles which are admin, editor, and contributor. You can see the table below to understand the team's permissions. The roles can be managed by the owner.


Team features

To make the work in the team easy and use it to its full potential, use the e-mail template status. When there are more people collaborating on one template or when the supervisor wants to check the status of a template without opening it. After you click on a chosen template to see details of the template, click on "Edit details" where you can choose the status of the template from the draft, in a review, or sent.

Another useful feature is "Saved Blocks". To make your collaboration even faster, save your custom block for later use, and when you need them again you can just drag them from the context menu under the tab saved into the e-mail template. You can edit the blocks in your template editor.


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