Hide & Do not stack on mobile phones
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Hide on mobiles

Another feature in the Topol Editor is called "Hide on mobile". You can use this function when you don't want a part of the template to be displayed on mobile phones - as in the image below.


Simply click on the element that you don't want to be displayed on mobile devices, and click on "more options" in the settings panel on the left side. More options will appear and you can click on Hide on mobile and that's all you have to do.


You can check it in the preview of each email template, where you switch from the desktop preview to the preview on the mobile devices, and you will see that the element is hidden, just like in the screenshot above.

Do not stack on mobiles

Do not stack on mobiles feature is very useful if you use multiple columns in one structure and don't want them to be stacked on mobile devices. In order to achieve that , click on the structure with the elements, you don't want to be stacked. Then on the left settings panel select do not stack on mobiles.


You can check it in the preview mode when you change the preview settings from desktop to mobile devices.


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