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Mobile-first email template design
Mobile-first email template design

Create template in mobile-first view

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We all have our phones on us 24/7 (mostly). To make life easier, now you can create and design mobile-first email templates!

The Mobile-first feature is adjusting the layout of our editor in real-time to a mobile screen. You don't have to go to the preview mode to see how your template would look on a mobile device. We have upgraded our top bar with a set of new buttons. You can switch between the mobile and desktop layout of the editor and show or hide the hidden elements in the chosen layout.

Let's say you will create a two columns structure that you want to hide on mobile. After you switch to a mobile-first layout, the structure will be hidden. If you want to see the hidden content, you can click on the eye button in the top navigation bar to show the hidden content. This feature also works if you want to hide content on a desktop.

Check our short video tutorial for the mobile-first feature.

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