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Let's have a look at the settings section in our editor.

Email settings.

Max width: Here you can adjust the width of your template. The standard width is set for 600 pixels, but it's up to you if you want to adjust it. Adjusting it is useful when your screen has more pixels in width than the template. 600 pixels wide template should look okay on both desktop and mobile devices.

Color settings.

Background color: Here you can adjust the background color of your template.

Block color: In here you can adjust the color of blocks.

Button color: You can change the color of your buttons here.

Link color: Here you can adjust the colors of links in your template.

Font settings.

Here you can adjust Heading (1,2,3), Paragraph, and Button text. You can change font, color, and size. These font settings are connected with the text toolbar. Once you will set them in settings, you can easily choose them in the text toolbar while writing text into the template.

Line height.

Spacing: Here you can choose one of four options, what spacing between lines you want to have in your template.

Invisible preheader.

Preview text: This is the text you will see in your inbox right after the Subject in your e-mail. Invisible means, that this text will be available only in preheader, but you won't see it when you open the email.


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