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In this tutorial, we will show you how you can export your templates directly into Brevo.

Firstly, you need an active TOPOL PRO subscription. Followingly, you integrate your Brevo account into the Topol platform (for that you will also require to have Brevo account). If you don't have one, click here to create your Brevo account.

Integration Setup Guide

  • In Topol dashboard click on "Integrations" and find Brevo integration. Click on the "Enable" button. This button is allocated under your profile name. After clicking on this button, a dialog appears on Your screen.

  • Click on the Brevo button. After clicking on the button, a form appears on Your screen.

Form inputs:

  • API Key (required) - Log in to your Brevo account and click the “CREATE A NEW API KEY” button.

  • Fill in the name of the new API token. We chose the name TopolIO for our API key, but you can name it as You want to.

  • Click on the “GENERATE a new API key” button.

  • The New API key will appear in the “Your API Keys” table.

  • Copy value of the API key column.

  • Paste Your Brevo API Key to input in the Topol external sources settings and click Create.

Your Topol.io account is now prepared to export Topol templates to Your Brevo account.

Export to Brevo guide

Create a new template or pick the one you already have. Open the template and choose Export options -> Brevo.

This will send your template to Brevo, where you can set up the rest of your campaign. And that is all 🎉

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact our support.

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