Preview & Testing of the Template
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The preview of the newsletter doesn't look correct? Check the help to find out.
Have you created a template in our interactive editor? Now you can test how it will render in your inbox on your computer or phone.

Before testing the template, make sure you have the products placed correctly in structures.


For the products in the template to display correctly on the phone - ie. products below, you need to place them in structures correctly. Always put a picture + text + button together in one box in the structure.

Preview & Testing of the Template


You can always quickly check the view of the template if you click on the Preview & testing. You can see how the newsletter displays on your computer and your phone.

Desktop view:


Phone view:


Here you can check if the template is correctly assembled from structures according to your expectations and how it will be displayed on the computer and phone devices.

Because they consist of an image, text, and a button within a single cell of the structure, the mobile products will display correctly below each other.

If you want to see how the template looks like in your inbox, simply send a test email. You will receive a template in the form you created.xf


And finally, always remember to test the template to verify its appearance and layout.

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