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E-commerce Products in Editor
E-commerce Products in Editor

Begin utilizing product feeds in our editor and rid yourself of the tedious task of creating product newsletters once and for all.

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Start Utilizing Product Feeds in Editor

By using a feed, you can have your e-commerce products in the template within minutes, including all the necessary product information.

Importing a Product Feed

  • You can add a Product Feed in the Editor Settings -> Products

  • There, enter the name, currency, and URL link to the feed in .xml format

  • After creation, you must wait a moment for all products to be uploaded. After uploading, you can delete it, view individual products, or synchronize it. You can have more than one feed.

Add Products to Your Template

  • In the structure of your template, select the location where you want to insert a product. Simply drag and drop the Product block to the chosen spot.

  • Click on the block, then select your feed from the list. Easily locate the specific product by its name.

  • In the further settings, choose which information you want to display (price, name, button, image, description, original price). You can edit all the information in the respective tabs.

Product and Current Data

When a product is inserted into the template, the data that is currently in the product feed will be used. However, if you want to plan a campaign several days in advance and need the latest data for the products, then you need to utilize merge tags.

In each of these merge tags, you need to replace ‘productId’ with the ID of the product you want to populate.

Utilize Predefined Product Blocks

For even faster work, you can use predefined blocks that come with a preset structure and content, you only need to select a specific product. From the Basic blocks section, switch to Predefined. Then choose a structure that suits you. You can select, for example, single-product structures or four-product structures.

Simply add products from the feed to this predefined structure in the manner described above. You can assemble a complete template in no time.

Handy Tip: Predefined blocks that work with products from the feed can be recognized by the Product Feed label in the bottom right corner.

Any adjustments to products can be made to all uploaded products at once. Just turn on Apply to all products at once in the left panel. For example, if you change the color of the button, the color change will apply to all products.

This tutorial should help you effectively work with product feeds in If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!

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