Export to SendPulse

Utilize our one-click export feature, creating a connection between Topol.io and SendPulse for a smooth and integrated experience.

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How to integrate SendPulse?

  1. Create SendPulse Account

    Register on SendPulse and log in.

  2. Get SendPulse API Key In SendPulse

    Click on your profile picture, go to "Account settings," and then "API."

    Copy the ID and Secret.

  3. Log in to Topolio

    Access your Topolio account.

  4. Go to Integrations

    Find "Integrations" or "Settings

    Choose SendPulse and click "Add Integration."

  5. Enter API Key Paste the ID in Topol.io

  6. Configure & Save Settings Set up preferences like default lists.

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