Export to Acumbamail

Utilize our one-click export feature, creating a connection between Topol.io and Acumbamail for a smooth and integrated experience.

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How to integrate Acumbamail?

  1. Sign Up for Acumbamail

    Go to Acumbamail's website and sign up for an account if you haven't done so.

  2. Obtain the API Key

    After logging in, navigate to the API documentation page at https://acumbamail.com/en/apidoc/.

    Look for the "Customer identifier" (auth_token) section and copy the API key.

  3. Access Topol.io Integration Settings

    Open Topol.io and log in to your account.

    Find the integration settings within the application.

  4. Enable Acumbamail Integration

    Turn on the integration toggle in Topol.io.

    Enter any custom name for the integration to identify it easily.

  5. Configure API Key in Topol.io

    Paste the copied API key from Acumbamail into the API key field in Topol.io.

  6. Save Integration Settings

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