Custom Google Cloud Storage

Step by step tutorial on how to set a Google Cloud Storage integration for Topol Plugin.

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How to configure custom Google Cloud Storage

1/ Login to the Google Cloud Console

3/ Click “Create a Bucket”

4/ Fill up the form


6/ Click “Create Service Account”

7/ Fill up the form


8/ Add role “Storage Admin”


9/ At step 3 click “Create Key” and choose JSON


This will download a file with the access info required to Setup the Custom Google Cloud Storage within Topol Plugin settings

Set Google Cloud Storage credentials to API Token in TOPOL

  1. Go to Your Topol Settings

  2. In the left menu select “Plugin”

  3. Find API Token where You want to setup Your own Google Cloud Storage. Click on the Storage options. (a dialog will appear)

  4. Click on “Google Cloud”

  5. Now You have to fill in Your Google Cloud Storage credentials.

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