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Custom AWS S3 storage

Learn how to create and use your custom storage

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We prepare a tutorial on how you can connect your Amazon web services (AWS) account to TOPOL.

Create an S3 bucket dedicated to TOPOL plugin integration

    1. Click on “Create bucket”

    2. Fill form:

      1. Bucket name -> your-bucket-name (for example topol-plugin)

      2. In Object Ownership, select ACLs enabled and select Object writer.

      3. Deselect “Block all public access” and select “ - I acknowledge that the current settings might result in this bucket and the objects within becoming public.” for confirmation.

      4. Rest leave with defaults and click on the “Create bucket” button

Add CORS configuration for the bucket to enable the editor to interact with the bucket

  1. Click on the created bucket (can be found on

  2. Click on the “Permissions” tab

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. In the section with the name “Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)” and click on the “Edit” button.

    1. Paste in the following statement:

      "AllowedHeaders": [
      "AllowedMethods": [
      "AllowedOrigins": [
      "ExposeHeaders": []

  4. Click the “Save changes” button

Create own policy

  1. Click on “Create policy”

  2. In the following form select: Service: S3
    List -> ListBucket
    Read -> GetObject
    Write -> PutObject, DeleteObject
    Permissions management -> PutObjectAcl
    - Select specific
    - For “bucket” click on “Add ARN”. Type Your bucket name from step 1 and click on the “Add” button.
    - For object click on “Add ARN”. Type Your bucket name from step 1, in the “object” name field select “Any”. Click on the “Add” button.

  3. Click on “Review policy”.

  4. Type policy name.

  5. Click on “Create policy”.

Create AWS user

  1. Click on the “Add user” button

  2. Fill “User name” field -> for example topol-plugin-user

  3. Click on the “Next: Permissions” button in the right bottom corner

  4. In the next step click on “Attach existing policies directly”.

  5. Filter policies via search where you type the name of Your created policy from step 3. (example: topol-plugin)

  6. Select the policy and click the “Next” button in the right bottom corner.

  7. Click the “Next” button in the right bottom corner.

  8. Click the “Create user” button in the right bottom corner.

Create access keys

  1. Click on the newly created user

  2. Select "Security credentials" tab

  3. Scroll to "Access keys"

  4. Click "Create Access key"

  5. Select "Third-party service"

  6. Create access key

  7. Copy "Access key" and "Secret key" (to notes or somewhere)

  8. Click "Done"

Set AWS credentials to API Token in TOPOL

  1. Go to Your Topol Settings

  2. In the left menu select “Plugin”​

  3. Find API Token where You want to setup Your own AWS S3 storage. Click on the Storage options. (a dialog will appear)

  4. Click on “AWS S3 BUCKET”​

  5. Now You have to fill in Your AWS S3 credentials.

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