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Template management on our platform. Create, import/export in JSON, preview, and customize templates. Explore settings, profile and billing.

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Getting started

When you log into our platform, the first thing you can see will be your template page where all your templates are displayed. You can start with the creation of a new template or import a template in JSON if you want to know more about the import and export in JSON you can read this article.

You can do some basic work with the template without opening it. There is also a possibility to rename it, add it to a folder, export the template to other sources, download the template, duplicate it and delete it. On the left side, you can see your folders and the current amount of templates is the folders.

Preview of a template

Here you can see a preview of the template with all the details and all the possible actions.


In settings, you can display your profile, settings, editor settings, and billing. In your profile, you can edit your profile, change your password, and add external sources for easy export of the templates. Another option is to manage your team and the Plugin connection. In Editor settings, you can see your saved blocks which you can rename or delete. Billing section is for managing your subscription, changing the billing information and checking your invoices.

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