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File manager: move and delete features
File manager: move and delete features
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Requested features

You have requested a feature which moves images to a folder or from a folder. Unfortunately, there is a problem with such a function. If you upload images to your file manager, the image be saved on our cloud where it will also be stored. After you upload that image into any of your templates the image will remain there and every time someone will open the template, your image will be loaded from our cloud storage. The problem is that the image has to be loaded from the exact same spot where it was.

Let's say that you would move that image to another folder, for all the people who will open the template with that image, the image won't load anymore, because it has changed its location in the cloud. The problem isn't to implement a feature that could move the pictures, the problem is that after a chosen user would move the image, all the templates with that image won't load properly.

A similar problem is with the "delete image" feature. If you would delete an image by accident, all the templates with that image won't load properly. Therefore we won't implement the delete image feature.

What we came up with

As we want to push our editor further we came up with different features that could help you. We will develop a feature that will help you sort all the images that you have uploaded into the cloud storage, by the specifications like name, size or las added. By implementing this feature you will be able to work faster on the email template production.

Instead of the delete feature, we will implement a "hide" feature that will only hide the chosen picture so you won't be able to see it but it will stay in the storage in the case that someone will open your template to see it correctly with your uploaded image.

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