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How to create Topol account?
How to create Topol account?

Create your account in 3 steps

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There are 2 ways how you can register and create your account in

Create your account:

1. You can start by clicking on Create Account as a pro button in the top right corner. ⬇️


You will be redirected to the register page. Now will fill out details and in a few seconds, you're ready to use TOPOL ⬇️

After your registration, you can start creating templates in your account.

Create template for free:

2. You can start designing your first template directly at our landing page ⬇️


Then you can choose one of our premade templates, or you can use the blank template. When you're finished with your first template, there will be an option for creating your own account where your template can be stored. ⬇️


By creating a new account, you will get 2 weeks of PRO version trial.

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