Export to CleverReach

Utilize our one-click export feature, creating a connection between Topol.io and CleverReach for a smooth and integrated experience.

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How to integrace CleverReach into Topol.io?

  1. Sign Up for CleverReach

    Go to CleverReach's website and sign up for an account if you haven't already.

  2. Enable Integration in Topol.io

    Open Topol.io and log in to your account.

    Find the integration settings within the application.

    Turn on the integration toggle in Topol.io.

    Enter any custom name for the integration for easy identification.

  3. Authenticate with CleverReach

    After adding the integration, you will be redirected to CleverReach.

    Log in to your CleverReach account.

    Confirm the sharing permissions with Topol.io.

  4. Redirect Back to Topol.io

    After confirming the integration on CleverReach, you will be redirected back to Topol.io.

  5. Exporting from Topol.io to CleverReach

    In Topol.io, you should now see CleverReach as an integrated option.

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