Calculating your data traffic
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How is your data traffic calculated?

At, we use Google Cloud Storage to keep and store your data. The overall number of traffic usage means the amount of data transferred during certain period. In other words it means how many images have been downloaded and what is their size.

Formula: Size of images included in an email * Emails sent * Open rate

Hosted image delivery prices are measured in MBs. The formula for calculating MBs is dividing the amount of KBs by 1024. To get the GBs amount, divide MBs by 1024 again.

As an example, if you sent an email with 5 images that are 50KB each, delivered it to 50,000 people, with a total open rate of 50%:

5 * 50KB * 50,000 * 0,5

Traffic included in subscription plans
Every subscription includes monthly allowance of data transfer. Currently, our subscriptions include 50 GBs for free.

Extra traffic
If you transfer more data than your monthly allowance is, you will be charged at the end of the billing period.

50 - 75 GB

20 USD

76 - 100 GB

30 USD

101 - 200 GB

55 USD

201 - 300 GB

100 USD

301 - 400 GB

125 USD

401 - 1000 GB

0.35 USD per GB

1TB - 2TB

0.3 USD per GB

2TB - 5TB

0.25 USD per GB

5TB - 10TB

0.14 USD per GB

10TB - 50TB

0.12 USD per GB


0.11 USD per GB

To host images on, you will be required to sign up for subscription

*you will be automatically transferred into Plugin Unlimited tier

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