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Common payment processing issues
Common payment processing issues

Encountering payment issues with Topol PRO or Plugin? Common causes include card errors, insufficient funds, or bank restrictions.

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Are you trying to pay for your Topol PRO or Plugin and the system does not let you? What causes payment failures?

A customer will often experience payment failure due to:

  • Incorrect credit card number or expiration date

  • Insufficient funds

  • The bank declined based on the location

  • The bank's fraud rules blocked the transaction

And how to sort this out?

  • Double check your card info is up to date

  • Submit any requested info

  • Check you have enough funds for the purchase

  • Try to pay with a different payment method

  • Get in touch with your bank or card issuer - this is very important as every bank is different, and some of them block payments from different countries

  • A transaction is flagged by your bank or credit card’s fraud prevention system

Your bank is ultimately responsible for approving or declining charges. We recommend contacting your bank to understand why a charge was rejected.

Ideally, you want to request to speak to second-tier customer support, as first-tier customer service often lacks the visibility necessary to provide exact reasons for declines.

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